Virtual Desktops and Virtual Servers

Get out of the server business and work from anywhere with managed virtual desktops and virtual servers.

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Expand Your Business with Minimal IT Investment

Migrating local data and applications to a virtual environment in the cloud is simpler than you think.  Server@Work started migrating data and delivering virtual servers and virtual desktops securely from the cloud back in 2003.  Our team of virtualization experts thoroughly analyze your on-premise network, create a tested migration plan for your applications and data, provide you with a test environment to "kick the tires", then transition your network to a virtualized cloud environment to run your productivity and critical business applications.  With a virtualized network, you can expand your business to any location without additional capital expenses or worries.

Server@Work is a huge asset to our pharmacy operation.  They continually bring new ideas to the table to improve our productivity.

Maureen CormierDirector of Pharmacy

Move Desktops, Applications, and Servers into the Cloud

The late 1990's started the transition to the "PC era" when the cost of computers started to drop and it was practical for businesses to put computers on every desk.  The mid-2000's started the Internet transition where applications, products, and servers began migrating from traditional on-premise hardware into web-based applications and software services.  Now, in the 2010's, businesses are transitioning into the "cloud era" where not only applications and services are hosted on the Internet, but entire business networks and the delivery of virtual desktops.

Citrix Virtual Desktop

Since 2003, Server@Work has worked with Citrix to deploy virtual desktops, seamless applications, and virtual servers into our private cloud.  We support hundreds of businesses and sites and thousands of users -- delivering each a dedicated custom virtual desktop and virtual server environment that allows them to work from their own cloud.

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Secure Virtual Desktop and Virtual Server Hosting

SOC compliant hostingServer@Work implements the highest standards when providing custom virtual desktops and virtual servers for clients.  We follow the security guidelines recommended by the AICPA and undergo annual SOC reviews to ensure our compliance with HIPAA and FINRA regulations.

We specialize in providing virtualization solutions to organizations in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, financial management, and other professional services.

Why are businesses transitioning everything into the cloud?

Faster Internet Connections

Internet speeds have increased dramatically over the past few years.  Slower DSL and cable modem speeds with inconsistent service have given way to ethernet and fiber in the workplace and at home.  With bandwidth so cheap and readily available, a major hurdle to cloud computing is no longer a factor for most businesses.

Server Infrastructure Costs

While the cost of desktop computing has gone down, the cost of servers, server software, server maintenance, and server support remains high.  The main reasons for server hardware and support remaining at a premium is that it is still a highly technical task to install and maintain servers.  Also, server hardware keeps improving and doesn't have the sales volume of desktop computing to drive costs down.

Cyber Security Concerns

It may sound counter-intuitive, but cloud computing and virtual cloud servers are actually more secure than most business on-premise servers.  With your business connected to the Internet, you are a hacking target no matter your size.  Much of the hacking taking place on the Internet is not targeted; but rather, it is random using scanning software that targets improperly configuring and maintained servers and network security appliances.  Virtual servers and data hosted in private clouds, like with Server@Work, are managed, monitored, and maintained by full-time network administrators and security professionals who spend all their time and effort protecting client services.

Citrix. Work from Anywhere, Anytime

Today's workforce is more mobile, more remote, and working more flexible hours than ever before.  The most talented employees and business leaders expect to be able to work when they need to from their home, branch office, or the road without making any compromises to how they perform.

With Citrix virtual desktops and private virtual servers from Server@Work, we deploy all your applications and data into our secure private servers hosted from Austin and Dallas, Texas, and deliver real-time application performance to any device with an Internet connection.

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