Technology Management

Server@Work is a dedicated Managed Service Provider that helps you focus on your business by relieving you of your technology burden.

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Technology Management Increases Profitability

Desktop support, software maintenance, and network management do not exist separately in a vacuum.  Many businesses purchase hardware and software ad-hoc without having the resources to research how their investment is supposed to be integrated and work together.

Businesses lose hours of productivity and revenue from their most valuable skilled workers every day because those employees spend their time solving computer problems instead of generating revenue.

Managed IT services from Server@Work eliminates the problems of hardware and software mismanagement, poor technology productivity, and salary siphoning from your in-house experts by providing your business with proactive technology management and unlimited reactive support.

Everything was great as always. I've never had a bad experience with anyone I have spoken with . . . always very professional and efficient.

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Rhonda B.Healthcare Provider in Natchitoches, LA

Get Your Own Business IT Experts

Our team provides you with Business IT Experts who manage your business just like your very own IT Department.  Operating exclusively as a Managed Service Provider, Server@Work is structured to provide your business with the specialists needed to deliver IT support to your business.

Server Support and Server Management

Whether we are supporting your on-premise servers, our Hardware as a Service on-premise servers, or your virtual servers hosted by Server@Work, we have a team of dedicated System Administrators proactively monitoring and updating your server environment.  Our admins fully support your Windows Server deployment and work with your software vendors to keep your products running and updated with their latest service packs.

Maximize IT Investments

Buying the right technology is only half the battle.  Maximize your investment in technology with the right team implementing your IT plan and supporting your business.  Even when your computer environment is working correctly, you need a team keeping up with the technology evolving around you.  We ensure your IT investments do not become outdated and stagnant.

Network Management

Get out of the network appliance and hardware business with Server@Work.  Our network admins ensure you have the right network protection for your office to protect you against the latest viruses, ransomware, and trojan threats.  We use multi-layered security built to stop threats before they infect your servers and workstations.  We also have a threat response team to monitor your network activity for suspicious behavior and work with your team on compliance issues.

Save money on Computer Hardware

As your IT partner, Server@Work never suggests investing in computer hardware and services without first advising you on how it will benefit your business and exploring cost-saving alternatives.  You will work directly with our technology executives who understand how Information Technology works in your business and how it is supposed to support your business goals.

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