Voice over IP Phone Systems

VoIP phone systems use existing network cabling and switching to replace expensive phone systems with economical enterprise phone systems at a fraction of the cost.

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On-Premise and Cloud Hosted VoIP Business Telephone Systems

Get VoIP features in an on-premise phone system or a cloud-hosted phone system from Server@Work and 3CX.  Phone systems from 3CX pack an incredible amount of features at an affordable price for any business.  Bonus features from 3CX include the 3CX Phone for Windows application as well as advanced call management features and multi-site bridging for brach offices.

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Who Uses 3CX Phone Systems?

3CX Clients

Affordable Replacement for Aging Phone Systems

When you need to replace your older on-premise system but do not want to rely upon the Internet for dial tone, you still have great VoIP options with VoIP from Server@Work. We install completely on-premise phone systems that will integrate into your existing analog or PRI telephone connections.  Our on-premise installations are able to take advantage of cost-saving SIP trunks and mix in traditional dialtone options.

VoIP IP Phones

Multiple VoIP Dialtone Options

The on-premise 3CX phone system supports analog lines, PRI lines, and IP-based SIP trunks as well as any combination of all three.  Cost-based call routing can be used to reduce phone bills by over 40% in many cases.

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Why Choose 3CX Phone Systems?

Multi-Site and Remote Employee VoIP Support

Businesses looking for a cost-effective way to link communications between branch offices, home workers, and mobile employees have all options on the table with cloud-hosted PBX's from Server@Work and 3CX.  Deploying in the cloud eliminates the cost of on-premise phone system hardware and makes for great business continuity and disaster recovery solutions.

Remote and mobile employees can use their Windows or Mac computer and a headset with the 3CX phone app to turn any computer into a phone extension.

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Server@Work is a 3CX Silver Partner

3CX Cloud HostingServer@Work has been a 3CX Partner since 2012. As one of the first 3CX Partners to install 3CX into the cloud -- Server@Work has been at the forefront of taking advantage of the 3CX Voice over IP platform. With cloud-hosted 3CX, clients get access to all the features and benefits of 3CX without having to invest in an on-premise PBX.

In addition to hosted VoIP, we also recognize that there are many instances where an on-premise PBX is needed and for those installations we build a custom mix of PBX phone system, server hardware, analog VoIP Gateway, and SIP Trunks to provide the ideal mix of Internet voice and analog dial tone options.

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