Server Management and Support from the Server Experts

It is no coincidence that "Server" is in our name.  Just as your business relies upon the up-time of your server, we focus on servers as well.  Your server is the backbone of your business and it takes special care and attention to perform properly.  At Server@Work we know how to get the most out of your server investments and how to monitor and manage it properly as well.

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User Account Administration

Mistakes made during employee on-boarding can have long-term ramifications.  During user setup, security rights and data access is granted to your employee and a misstep can expose confidential company and financial data.

Server@Work uses dedicated user account administrators to off-load the on-boarding process from your employees and perform user account administration for you.  Our team will work with your HR personnel to create templates for on-boarding and off-boarding your employees and will enforce your rules and permissions.

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