Device Security and Encryption

Know your data is secure with disk and email encryption.

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Endpoint Security


In the 2015 SIR, Microsoft reports 18.8% of computers not managed by IT service providers lacked proper real-time security from viruses and malware despite their users' having anti-virus installed. Unmanaged anti-virus can be as dangerous as not having anti-virus protection at all. Get managed anti-virus with security experts watching over your workstations and protection.

Internet Security

Your business depends greatly upon the Internet working as secure and as fast as possible. By adding an extra layer of security and bandwidth control to your Internet, you can reduce the risk of viruses and also speed up your Internet access.  This additional layer of protection can stop web traffic before it reaches your network to stop phishing attempts and access to websites your organization deems unnecessary.

Ransomware Protection

Unfortunately most anti-virus software used by companies has a hard time preventing one of the newer threats to your data -- Ransomware.  Use advanced server and network protection from Server@Work to guard against Ransomware attempts and secure your data.

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Whole Disk Encryption


Encrypting data on servers and workstations can be cumbersome and difficult to manage. Server@Work deploys HIPAA and SOX compliant managed encryption that is monitored by our security team and easily deployed to your endpoints. Data is encrypted at the boot level so passwords are enforced at the moment your device powers up.