Security Audit and Risk Assessment

Know your network and data is secure with network security audits
and IT risk assessments from Server@Work.

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Network Security Audits

Businesses are under a constant threat of hacking, security breaches, and employees carelessly exposing protected data.  Whether your company must conform to compliance regulations from HIPAA, FINRA, SOX, PCI, or HITECH; or you are simply concerned about the reputation of your business and your client data, an IT security audit will help identify your security and data risks and lead you on a path to correct your issues.

Server@Work is able to perform security scans with our black box network appliance then analyze collected data to produce vulnerability and security compliance reports.

Our security audits may be used for preparation for external audits, internal compliance audits, or for vulnerability management.

Risk Assessment Engagements

Healthcare, banking, and financial management agencies looking for a single audit or a regular engagement use Server@Work to perform outside risk assessments and reporting.  Our vulnerability and compliance reports are used for security mitigation and identification of non-compliant data storage.

Continuous Network Audits


Security risks are continuous and for many businesses the need for regular network scans and audits is too.  With Black Box Audits from Server@Work, we can run daily scans to identify network changes and emerging security threats and report to your security compliance teams.

Security Risk Mitigation

Our security experts will create a plan to address your data and security issues and resolve them to protect your data and network.

We work directly with your security team and business leadership to explain the issues detected, the roadmap to resolve them, and put in place a plan to help minimize security risks in the future.

Compliance and Security Audits


Many healthcare, financial management, and professional sevices organizations are required to have regular security audits for compliance purposes.  Server@Work runs these audit reports and presents them to businesses so they may stay in compliance and work on security issues prior to having compliance audits.

SRA Audits

Most healthcare professionals and healthcare providers are required by US law to undergo periodic Security Risk Assessments to comply with Meaningful Use and HIPAA.  Unfortunately, many providers are unprepared for the rigors and requirements of the SRA.  Server@Work works with your compliance personnel to assess your readiness, provide GAP analysis, and to perform your SRA for reporting requirements using the latest scanning tools and compliance software.

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HIPAA Security Audits

To comply with HIPAA requirements, healthcare providers are expected to protect patient data and ensure their IT systems are properly securing data and access to patient information.  Server@Work is able to perform remote network scans to identify security vulnerabilities and the presence of e-PHI in non-authorized locations.

FINRA Security Audits

Financial institutions may be subject to annual and surprise FINRA audits.  While these audits are financial and transactional in nature, financial institutions are expected to protect client personal and financial data against breaches and data theft.