Private Virtual Servers

Get out of the server business with private virtual servers from Server@Work.  Like other computer services, expensive servers can now be replaced with a simple server subscription.

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Servers should be a commodity; not a capital expense.

Have a New Server Forever

One of the most expensive pieces of equipment in your office is your server. Not only does the hardware cost a lot to purchase and maintain, but the data and the productivity it drives is invaluable to your business. With Server@Work virtual servers you never have to buy or maintain another server ever again. We host our virtual servers on Hewlett Packard enterprise platforms with Cisco switching and backbones. As a part of our service we routinely background migrate client servers to newer hosts to keep your virtual environment running fast. No server upgrades needed.

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Server Administration is Included

When we host your data and applications we take an ownership stake in your businesses' success. Our server administrators will fully support your business by maintaining, managing, and monitoring your virtual servers. We provide software maintenance and updates as well as remote troubleshooting with your software vendors. We perform all server maintenance and software updates. We are your IT Department.

SQL Server Management

When your applications require Microsoft SQL and database management, your world just got a lot more complicated. Server@Work will make it easy. Our database administrators will manage your SQL implementation so you can focus on using your applications instead of managing them.

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Your server data is always backed up.

Cloud Server Upgrades Forever

When we host your virtual servers we make sure your data is safe and secure. Included with your virtual server is our cloud backup service which takes the extra precaution of backing up your cloud data to additional SSAE-16 audited and secured data centers on the US East and West coasts.