Mobile Device Management

Mobile devices are more than just phones and tablets -- they are gateways to your companies' data. Secure, manage, track, lock and remotely wipe your mobile devices.

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Manage Mobile Devices


Flexible Device Management

Whether your data is on a company issued device or simply company email on an employees' phone you can use Server@Work mobile device management to secure your data. Our flexible plans can completely lock down devices or scale down to simply managing company messaging.

Easy Device Deployments

Make deploying smartphones and tablets in your organization a breeze with remote email configurations and automated company wireless password distribution. Apps can be whitelisted and blacklisted to ensure devices are running authorized programs.

Why Should You Use Mobile Device Management?

MDM allows you to monitor, manage, secure, and administer mobile devices such as iPhones and Android smart phones. From a central management console you can set password policies, manage wireless passwords, configure email accounts, and control application installations. If a phone is lost or stolen it can be remotely locked, tracked, and wiped if necessary.

In many businesses mobile devices are used more often than computers. Like desktops and laptops, mobile phones also represent a security risk to company data and a compliance risk to organizations. To mitigate risk and allow smart phones to be an asset to your company your devices should be managed and monitored.

Device Security

Enforce compliance by restricting access to the camera or online purchases or requiring passcodes on devices. When a device is lost or stolen you can geo-locate it as well as remotely lock or wipe the device to protect company data.

What is the Risk of BYOD?


With over 89% of the workforce taking advantage of "Bring Your Own Device" policies to access company data, organizations must take additional steps to secure their information and govern access from those personal devices just as they should from a personal computer or laptop. By implementing Mobile Device Management businesses are able to enforce standards and procedures on both company devices and personal endpoints with minimal setup and privacy intrusions.

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