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The Zetta DataProtect Advantage

Cloud Backup SpeedsServer@Work is not only a Zetta Partner; but, we were first a long-time Zetta customer. Like many of our clients, we backup Terabytes of data and need fast, reliable restores. Using Zetta DataProtect we are able to easily backup as many systems as we need with a simple management console then manage, monitor, and restore files and even complete servers when needed. We are uniquely positioned as a Zetta Partner because we also use the service for our large data footprint and are able to share our experience with our clients.

Cloud Backup Features

  • Cloud managed backups and restores.
  • No complicated expensive appliances.
  • Backup unlimited servers and workstations.
  • HIPAA and SOX compliant.
  • Backup Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux.
  • Exchange, SharePoint, SQL backups included.
  • Restore to any device anywhere.
  • Spin up barebones servers in the cloud.
  • Built exclusively for businesses and enterprises.
  • Outperforms other cloud backup solutions.
  • Plans range from a Gigabyte to unlimited data.
  • Provides backups to local storage as well.

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