Citrix Virtual Desktops

Work from any device, anywhere with Citrix Virtual Desktops.

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Citrix Virtual Desktops from Server@Work allow your company to move into the cloud.

Secure Private Virtual Desktops

Your virtual desktops are customized for your company and deployed on private servers.  With HIPAA and SOX compliant virtual desktops from Server@Work you can:

  • Move applications and data into Windows virtual desktops;
  • Easily work remotely from any office, home, or location;
  • Create a mobile workforce with laptops, tablets, and smart devices;
  • Benefit from advanced Citrix HDX bandwidth management;
  • Control your IT budget with centralized services;
  • Deliver Windows applications to Macs, iPads, and iPhones; and,
  • Focus on growing our business; not your infrastrucure.

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