Security Audits and Risk Assessments

Minimize Risk to Your Data and Network Environment

All businesses, regardless of size or name recognition, face elevated security risks.  Hackers use scanning tools to indescriminately look for vulnerable networks and servers everywhere on the Internet.  Even your employees put your network and data at risk through careless data management or by inviting security issues into your business through email and Internet browsing.

While your business uses anti-virus software and a firewall, these may not be enough to protect your data.

Regular proactive network audits and vulnerability scans will bolster your data protection efforts by identifying weak points in your security plans, high risk areas that are not properly protected, and the careless storage of confidential company and customer data.

Pre-Audit Risk Assessments

Be prepared for your next risk assessment and security audit with a pre-audit risk assessment from Server@Work.  Our network scanner appliance does not install local software or leave a footpring.  We scan your computers and security appliances and identify vulnerabilities and tell you how to fix them.

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HIPAA Compliance Audits

Ensure e-PHI is being stored properly and not being left unguarded on your computers and network with HIPAA Compliance Audits from Server@Work.  We help healthcare providers guard patient data with network scanners that monitor your network and report HIPAA violations to your compliance team for remediation and employee training.

HIPAA Compliance Standards

Continuous Network Vulnerability Monitoring

Updating and patching firewalls, servers, and computers goes a long way to preventing network breaches and security issues.  With network vulnerability monitoring, get consolidated reporting on your current risk to your servers and network as well as reports on how to resolve your security issues.

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