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Server@Work helps businesses properly license Microsoft Office 365 subscriptions, configure their company tenant, setup user accounts, and migrate existing email services and messages into Office 365 deployments.

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Why are businesses moving to Microsoft Office 365?

For over five years, businesses, non-profits, government entities and academic institutions have been migrating their Microsoft Office licensing, email services, Skype for Business messaging, and SharePoint services into Microsoft Office 365.

Initially organizations were hesitant to move to Office 365 because they were concerned about moving to the monthly or annual pricing model from Microsoft, the level of support they would get, and the up-time of the service. It is safe to say that after many years of service, Office 365 is a reliable solution for small and medium businesses for email hosting and the pricing model is now familiar with nearly all line of business software vendors forcing their customers to move to subscription models.

Since Office 365 is here to stay, let's look at some advantages of moving to Office 365

Office 365 Advantages

Save Money on Email Services

Businesses still running local mail servers, mail archives, and Exchange backups will save money and increase productivity by migrating email services into Exchange Online from Microsoft Office 365.  Working with Office 365, system administrators needing to keep close controls over their email environment can still use most of the same tools they are used to using locally, but they get to avoid the cost and headaches of supporting local hardware, software, and backups.

Upgrade the Microsoft Office Suite

Not too long ago, companies were buying Microsoft Office in boxes from their local retail store and then running the same version for six or more years. No doubt, some of you reading this are still running Office 2010 as the rest of us are prepping to upgrade to Office 2019 in the 4th quarter of 2018.

For the holdouts who prefer to stretch their Office ROI into fractions of pennies a day, kudos but your days are numbered. Not only is Microsoft halting security updates for previous versions of Office, which makes them more vulnerable to macro and other viruses, but your peers are moving to current versions of Office in increasing numbers which will render your files incompatible with newer versions at some point.

Most Office 365 subscriptions include the availability of the most recent version of Office at all times so the barrier to buying the new version of Office is gone.

Office 365 Services You Didn't Know You Needed

Most small and medium businesses have three experiences with Microsoft products:

  • Windows Operation System (Windows XP, 7, 8, 10)
  • Windows Server Operations System (Server 2008 R2, 2012 R2, 2016)
  • Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint)

While these products still make up the cornerstone of the Microsoft business portfolio, there are many more server and desktop software products that were too complex or pricey for SMB's to discover that are included in many Office 365 subscriptions. Though you may have lived without them until now, these products offer productivity and communication gains worth the cost of a Microsoft subscription.

These include:

  • Exchange Online - hosted email with webmail and enterprise email features
  • SharePoint Online - online private website for document storage and collaboration.
  • Skype for Business - internal messaging with online presence and webinar capabilities
  • OneDrive for Business - online personal cloud storage and file syncing

Microsoft Office 365

Moving to Office 365?

Office 365 Deployment Planning

Planning for post-email migration and live services is as important as getting the services live.  A switch to Office 365 can swamp businesses with work re-configuring Microsoft Outlook and smartphones for new mail accounts.  Server@Work uses migration tools to automate Outlook configurations and our support desk is able to assist your employees with post-migration issues.

Office 365 Setup and Management

There are no extras or add-ons with Server@Work supporting your Office 365 tenant.  Our dedicated User Accounts team provisions and on-boards your Office 365 users and our Support Desk assists with setups and will resolve Office issues for you while your team continues to work.

Office 365 Admin

Office 365 Licensing in 3 Steps

1. Licensing and Setup

Server@Work is a Microsoft Partner trained to assess your business needs and ensure you get the right Microsoft products to fit your organizational needs. We assist with selecting and licensing your Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Skype, and Office deployments and setups.

2. Migration Services

Moving your existing email and messaging from on-premise servers or other hosted products may seem overwhelming but our messaging admins make it easy. Our migration goal is to keep you communicating up to the minute you migrate then quickly getting your devices connected to Office 365 to keep your flow of messages going.

3. Management

Our user account administrators and technicians manage your Office 365 users and setup. Server@Work helps put your policies in place to manage messaging access as well as assist as the first line of support for messaging and Office issues.

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