Hosted Virtual Desktops

Fully Managed Citrix Virtual Desktops | SERVER@WORK

Work from any device, anywhere, with Citrix Virtual Desktops. Virtual desktops hosted by Server@Work are HIPAA and FINRA compliant and backed by annual SOC audit reports.

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Cloud Virtual Servers

Fully Managed Cloud Virtual Servers | SERVER@WORK

Get out of the server business with private virtual servers from Server@Work.  Like other computer services, expensive servers can now be replaced with a simple server subscription.

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Managed Cloud Backups

Fully Managed Backup Servers & Computers | SERVER@WORK

Backing up data to the cloud is only part of a data management strategy.  Regular server and desktop restore simulations and daily backup monitoring complete a managed backup solution.

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Citrix Virtual Desktops

Work from anywhere, at anytime, on any device.

Any Device, Anywhere.  With your company data and applications loaded into the Server@Work secure data center you are able to access your virtual desktop from any Windows computer, Mac, iOS device, or Android when you have an Internet connection.

Cost Benefits. Eliminate the expenses of installing, updating, and maintaining software throughout your organization with centralized virtual desktops. Our system administrators take care of your software and patches leaving your business free to simply work.

Business Continuity. When your business is in the cloud you can work from any office, hotel, or home. So if one of your locations goes offline or your staff is snowed in at home your users are able to access the same virtual desktop from remote offices and locations as they can from the main office.

Secure private virtual desktops

Your virtual desktops are customized for your company and deployed on private servers.  With HIPAA and SOX compliant virtual desktops from Server@Work you can:

  • Move applications and data into Windows virtual desktops;
  • Easily work remotely from any office, home, or location;
  • Create a mobile workforce with laptops, tablets, and smart devices;
  • Benefit from advanced Citrix HDX bandwidth management;
  • Control your IT budget with centralized services;
  • Deliver Windows applications to Macs, iPads, Androids, and iPhones; and,
  • Focus on growing your business; not your infrastructure.
  • SOC Audited
  • Fully Managed Virtual Desktops
  • Fully Managed Virtual Servers
  • Unlimited Remote Support Desk
  • Assigned System Administrator
  • Included Microsoft Licenses
  • Included Citrix Licenses
  • No Hardware to Buy
  • Layered Cyber Security
  • Cloud Backup
  • 92% First Call Resolution
  • Friendly Technicians
  • Email & Phone Tickets
  • 24 x 7 x 365 On Call

Citrix Service Provider

Certified Citrix Partner

Server@Work is certified Citrix Service Provider Partner making us uniquely qualified to deploy and support Citrix servers and desktops for HIPAA, SOX, and FINRA compliant solutions.

With over 15 years of Citrix deployment experience, we operate a full-time custom Citrix hosting environment from dual data centers in Texas as well as virtual desktops from the Microsoft Azure and Amazon EC2 clouds.

Citrix Service Provider

Private Virtual Servers

Servers should be a commodity; not a capital expense.

Have a new server forever. One of the most expensive pieces of equipment in your office is your server. Not only does the hardware cost a lot to purchase and maintain, but the data and the productivity it drives is invaluable to your business. With Server@Work virtual servers you never have to buy or maintain another server ever again. We host our virtual servers on Hewlett Packard enterprise platforms with Cisco switching and backbones. As a part of our service we routinely background migrate client servers to newer hosts to keep your virtual environment running fast. No server upgrades needed.

Server administration is included

When we host your data and applications we take an ownership stake in your businesses' success. Our server administrators will fully support your business by maintaining, managing, and monitoring your virtual servers. We provide software maintenance and updates as well as remote troubleshooting with your software vendors. We perform all server maintenance and software updates. We are your IT Department.

SQL Server management

When your applications require Microsoft SQL and database management, your world just got a lot more complicated. Server@Work will make it easy. Our database administrators will manage your SQL implementation so you can focus on using your applications instead of managing them.

Server Management Admin
  • Assigned System Administrator
  • Complete Server Management
  • Managed Anti-Virus
  • Patch & Security Management
  • Virtual Server Monitoring
  • Layered Internet Security
  • Custom Application Management
  • No Server Hardware to Buy
  • 24 x 7 x 365 On Call
Data Center Hosting



30 TB






Cloud Backups

The managed cloud backup advantage

Server@Work is not only a managed cloud backup provider; but, we are also a Data Center level cloud backup customer. Like many of our clients, we backup Terabytes of data and need fast, reliable restores. Using our cloud backup solution, we are able to easily backup as many systems as we need with a simple management console then manage, monitor, and restore files and even complete servers when needed. We are uniquely positioned as a cloud backup provider because we also use, on an enterprise scale, the same services we deploy to our clients.

Why Use Cloud Backups?

Disaster Recovery

When a drive crashes or a server goes down you need your data back fast. With Server@Work, you will not only get your data back faster than with Mozy Pro or Carbonite; but, we can assist you with a restore to a virtual cloud server if needed to get you back up and running the same day while you wait on new server hardware.

Easy to Manage

Backup software should be easy to install and easy to manage. Whether you want Server@Work to install and manage your backup or you are a DIY admin who wants complete control of your backup solution, we make it easy for you to securely backup your data. Backup agents are installed in seconds and endpoints become fully managed by the cloud management portal.

Cheaper Than Backup Drives

Businesses have backed up to disk and tape for decades with no alternatives. During this time, countless has been spent on drive hardware and disposable tapes that go bad at the worst times losing precious data. We can back you up to the cloud with the fastest enterprise cloud backup solution around. Our cloud backup solution is designed from the ground up to protect businesses only.

Managed Cloud Backups
  • Cloud Managed Backups and Restores
  • No Complicated Expensive Appliances
  • Backup Unlimited Servers & Computers
  • HIPAA, FINRA & SOX Compliant
  • Backup Windows, Max OSX & Linux
  • Bare Metal Backups
  • Backup Exchange, SQL & SharePoint
  • Restore to Any Device, Anywhere
  • Restore to Virtual Cloud Servers
  • Built Exclusively for Businesses
  • Outperforms Other Cloud Backups
  • Supports Local Backup Storage