Business Continuity Planning

Protect your business during a disaster with BCP from Server@Work.  Our planning team will help you select the technology you need to thrive during a disaster and to benefit during normal business operations. 

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Plan to Succeed During Disaster Recovery

With auto insurance, the hope is that you pay for a policy that you never need.  The same can be said for business continuity planning.  While we never wish for a disaster recovery situation, failing to plan for it can be disasterous for your business.

Considering how heavily your business relies upon technology, it is critical to have a technology plan for continuing application and data access should your company be displaced or lose access to utilities during a disaster or outage for a day, a week, a month, or more.

Business Continuity Consulting

Business continuity consulting from Server@Work helps identify the critical processes and data that must continue during a business disruption, and develop a plan to ensure access to these resources.  While this process sounds simple, our most valuable contribution to this process is in identifying the technologies available to keep businesses running and how to cost-effectively access them during a disaster.

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Cloud Backups and Data Management

With processes and data identified for business continuity, an off-site backup plan using cloud backups will ensure data is accessible when your primary business location is offline.  Cloud backup data must not only be available offsite, but it must also be able to be mounted and brought online in a usable fashion by displaced employees.  This is the job of the IT management service and will use virtual technologies and procedures identified during business continuity planning.

As your business is displaced and offline, if the disaster is regional, it is possible your IT provider may be displaced and offline as well.  This is another advantage of a cloud-based managed IT service provider with dispersed resources and employees.

Virtualize Desktops and Servers in our Private Cloud

Server@Work is a cloud-based company and has been since 2003.  Our business model and employees are based in the cloud so it is an easy transition for us to help clients with business continuity by planning for virtual desktops and virtual servers for displaced businesses to mount and use their applications and data.

Get Remote Support Desk During a Disaster

Most IT companies are good at providing remote support desk services during normal operations; but where they fall short is providing those same services when their clients need it most -- during a shared disaster.

As a dispersed cloud company, Server@Work is not impacted by regional disasters which may impact your business and employees during a disaster.

Business IT Experts

As business IT experts, our team will help keep your business operating during a disaster.

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