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Micheal Goodwin

Micheal is the COO for Server@Work and the CIO for The Broussard Group. He has worked in Information Technology since 1995. Micheal is a MCSA and MCP and works primarily on enterprise IT, IS audit, and business development.

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Why I just deleted ALL OF THE EMAILS in my Inbox

on Apr 25, 2018 10:31:25 AM By | Micheal Goodwin | 0 Comments | Disaster Recovery Office 365 Email
WARNING. This article is NOT for the faint of heart. Or for the helpless email hoarder. Or the person who uses their Inbox as their sole filing system. But for the rest of us who struggle with email management, an email Inbox is a repository for valid mail mixed with newsletters, vendor adverts, CC's, and messages so old you will never act upon them. Last week, my Inbox had over 1,000 emails in it with over 600 UNREAD. These emails ran back to my current Inbox archive limit of three months. Sure, occasionally I would use the search function to find a message from a conversation or person. But for the most part, the reason I needed to keep older messages was that I didn't act upon the email when it was fresh and most relevant.
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Are Password Managers Safe?

on Mar 10, 2018 11:20:17 AM By | Micheal Goodwin | 0 Comments | Security Cybersecurity
I got a text from a friend last week. "My wife keeps changing our Netflix and other online passwords and doesn't tell me so we get in a password change battle. What can I do?" Well, I'm not a marriage counselor but I do know something that can help. There is a huge market of good password managers and most have family plans where people can have their own passwords and share others with select family members. A perfect solution for Hulu passwords and bank account login info. With one password or fingerprint authentication to your password manager, you can store all your other passwords and easily login to your web sites and services with a single touch. But with so much access to your personal information stored in one place, users need to know, are password managers safe?
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Work Better From Home By Lowering Your Internet Latency

on Mar 3, 2018 11:45:26 AM By | Micheal Goodwin | 0 Comments | VOIP Remote Access Citrix Virtual Desktop Skype
I have worked remote via Windows Remote Desktop Services and Citrix virtual desktops since 2003. Back in 2003, I was using an AT&T aDSL connection that would blink out a couple of times a day but otherwise, I had good experiences working remotely. But back then I did not have to complete with Netflix and Hulu, YouTube and online gaming, or a half dozen smartphones streaming Spotify in my house. Checking DHCP leases recently, I found 21 devices on our home router. TWENTY ONE! Gradually over the past few years, it seems my entire house connected to the Internet. These connected devices have brought many conveniences and more than a little entertainment, but they also brought aggravation when working from home in the form of laggy remote desktop connections, spotty VoIP, and staggering video conferences.
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Updates to Creating a Strong Password

on Mar 2, 2018 9:21:21 AM By | Micheal Goodwin | 0 Comments | Compliance Security Cybersecurity Security Risk Assessment
In July of 2017, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) published a somewhat controversial update to its recommended password standards. The NIST is the US Federal agency that, among many things, researches and creates policies regarding Information Systems controls and standards. NIST policies serve as standards for many industry security controls and laws including FISMA, HIPAA, FINRA, PCI, SEC and SOX. So a change to accepted password security norms from the NIST is a pretty big deal and over time will cycle down into accepted security standards like COSO and ISO.
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Dedicated Managed Service Providers Focus Only on IT Business Support

on Feb 20, 2018 5:07:03 PM By | Micheal Goodwin | 0 Comments | Managed IT Business Support Computer Support Technology Management
Delivering IT computer support to businesses is a full-time job but many IT companies do not devote their full attention to their business clients. Most IT support companies continue to provide technical support the same way they have for dozens of years by using the "Break/Fix" support model. But with the growing complexity of business technology, cloud services, and cyber security concerns, IT businesses are being forced to make a choice between residential "Break/Fix" support and the more specialized and technical business support.
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Security Risk Analysis and Risk Management for Small Healthcare Providers

on Feb 19, 2018 10:30:46 PM By | Micheal Goodwin | 0 Comments | HIPAA Compliance Security Security Risk Assessment
For years, your patients have needed to guard against paper cuts when going to your office as they scribbled their names on your official "Patient Privacy" forms. These documents state that you, the medical provider, will protect the patients personally identifiable information (PII) and will guard the information they share with you. And while you hear about the occasional breach from larger hospitals and insurance providers, you feel comfortable knowing you are a small target and the Internet doesn't really care about "Jane Smith's General Practice". But the facts are that over three million patients records were compromised in 2017 across the healthcare spectrum and small and independent practices were breached, hacked, and ransomed just like the larger healthcare organizations.
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Why Your Backups Should Be In the Cloud

Since the first computer, backups have been an essential part of protecting business data.  A business owners' worst nightmare was the clicking noise of a crashed hard drive or finding a corrupt disk.  These fears prompted businesses to invest in expensive tape drives and the management of backup tapes.  An "off-site backup" was putting a tape into someone's car and hoping they remembered to take it out of the vehicle before it baked in the glove compartment.  Backup retention was an office manager stacking those disks up in their home closet.  And while businesses hoped they would never need to recover from a disaster, their biggest inconvenience was the daily hassle of needing to restore an overwritten spreadsheet and having to wait a day for the office admin to bring the correct tape back to the office.
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Your Business Imagined in the Cloud

on Feb 7, 2018 11:45:49 AM By | Micheal Goodwin | 0 Comments | Disaster Recovery Business Continuity Security Virtual Desktop
94% of SMB was using the cloud for their business by the end of 2017.  So, whether you realize it or not, your business is already benefiting from the cloud. From using Capital One for your online banking to operating in QuickBooks Online for your accounting, the cloud offers your company a way to do business that saves you time and frees you from the hassle of maintaining more software locally. If your business is still running on a local server and local desktop computer applications in your office, then you can still gain efficiency and stabilize the cost of your IT by moving your local network into the cloud.
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Bad Phishing - Can You Spot What is Wrong in this Email?

on Oct 26, 2017 1:37:19 PM By | Micheal Goodwin | 0 Comments | Office 365 Phishing Microsoft Email Cybersecurity
One of our employees received an email from "Microsoft Office Support" today that was a lazy attempt at Phishing. Take a look at the screenshot and see if you can spot what is wrong with this email to make it a dead giveaway?
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Phishing with a Dropbox Business Login

on Oct 24, 2017 11:30:14 AM By | Micheal Goodwin | 0 Comments | Office 365 Phishing Email Cybersecurity Scam
According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary, Phishing is "a scam by which an e-mail user is duped into revealing personal or confidential information which the scammer can use illicitly". Recently we encountered a really "nice" looking Dropbox Business phishing page that prompts users to select their mail provider and enter their credentials to authenticate against a Dropbox Business account.
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