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It's Not Too Late for Your Disaster Recovery Plan

With the August 2017 double landfall of Hurricane Harvey, many businesses are re-evaluating Disaster Recovery plans and how to keep their company productive with employees scattered and offices closed. Creating a Business Continuity Plan can seem daunting so Server@Work has put together a 5 part plan for IT Disaster Recovery. By tackling these 5 areas, you can ensure your technology resources will be available to support you during an event.

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Server@Work Welcomes Toby Leger

Toby J. Leger joins the Server@Work team as a Business Development Consultant. With over 20 years of management experience, including 10 years in the technology industry, Toby has held positions in ownership, business management, operations, and sales. He brings a level of business process understanding that is uncommon among most sales professionals.

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Server@Work is Now a Microsoft Silver Partner

Server@Work has long been a Microsoft Service Provider and a Cloud Partner. We are now proud to announce that we have received our Microsoft Silver Partner certification.

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Phishing Attempts Just Got Personal

Phishing attempts by hackers are getting more personal. With the advance of mail filtering and antivirus software, large-scale attacks and phishing campaigns are being detected earlier and are shutdown quickly for those with managed security products. This has created a shift in phishing attempts from the brute force approach to more nuanced and targeted campaigns against C-Level types who possess the keys to the business and the bank accounts.

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The FBI.ORG Wants to Give Us Money!

Move over Burt Macklin, the hardest working person at FBI.ORG (sans changed link to is now special agent Gerald Roberts.

Surprisingly, it wasn't Burt Tyrannosaurus Macklin that retrieved our $2.5 million in fraud money . . . it was Gerald Roberts.

The evidence was found as we were sifting through our Spam Filters today and came across this gem.

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Does Your IT Company Hide Behind a Wall of Service Contracts?

Service contracts are good. Well . . . sometimes. They are supposed to protect both the buyer and the seller. The buyer gets a list of the services they are getting and how they will be provided. The seller gets to set pricing and spell out what they are supposed to deliver.  In the IT world, we use managed service contracts to document the IT services we will deliver, how we will deliver them, what the cost will be, and for how long.  Unfortunately, some IT managed service providers use the how long as a trap.

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Your Computer Virus May Be Lying to You

The World Wide Web is still the Wild Wild West for many people. Constantly changing technology is great for business productivity but it can be confusing to many users and discerning what is legitimate information on the web and what is fake news designed to trick people can be difficult.

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Are You Worried About the Security of your . . . Stuff?

Businesses need to worry about their data. Between security breaches and ransomware, the layers of protection a business needs to keep its data safe is growing in complexity. With planning and security awareness, virus infections can be mitigated but the effort and time it takes is costly to businesses.

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Sharing Videos in a Skype for Business Presentation

Microsoft Skype is one of the most popular business applications for conducting online meetings, webinars, and training. It is simple to host a meeting and simple for attendees to click and join.

Recently, we were asked by a company trainer about sharing short training videos and online video clips during Skype online training sessions.  Naturally the trainer had concerns about video becoming choppy or laggy for the remote attendees.

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Infographic: Five Disadvantages of "Free" Anti-Virus

Businesses looking to cut costs shouldn't look to computer and network security to save a buck.  "Free" antivirus can not only compromise your data but can also impact your ability to use your computer and perform your job.

Take a look at this Infographic for

View Free Antivirus Infographic

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