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Get the infrastructure you need without the capital investment and expensive maintenance cycles.  Our Cloud Engineers will design your dedicated cloud then transition your on-premise programs and files into our 24x7x365 available infrastructure.


Expand your business phone capabilities and lower your monthly phone bill without large up-front costs to upgrade your phone system.  With our customer dedicated managed PBX's you get your own Voice over IP phone system with enterprise features and availability.


Unlike other cloud hosting providers we don't neglect your on-premise environment or staff.  Our live Support Desk manages and attends to your workstations, networks, and mobile devices with the same care we provide your hosted environment.
“CommCare has been able to more fully utilize technology in all aspects of its business because Server@Work has been able to keep up with changes in real time.”
Dawn Harvey — VP & CAO, CommCare Corporation


Pharmacy Integration Helps LTC Staff
An aspect of Long Term Care facilities that most folks don’t think about is the way residents get their prescriptions.  Skilled nursing facilities don’t send a runner to the local Walgreens or CVS to pick up drug orders. Nurses are calling in and faxing orders to specialized Long Term Care pharmacies. Imagine the time that takes, and the issues that can cause.  American Healthtech and FrameworkLTC pharmacy software have bridged that gap, however.  By leveraging the power of the Corepoint Integration Engine and FrameworkHL7, orders can be taken care of without the fuss, and worr...
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